Cheshire East Council's Budget

Cheshire East Pre-Budget Report 2015/2016

Cheshire East Council has released the Pre-Budget Report for 2015/2016. This report provides stakeholders with the opportunity to understand the strategy behind the 2015/2016 Budget proposals. It contains an update on the Budget Setting process, as well as providing a summary of proposed changes to the current budget and how this may affect services in the future.

The report identifies the various services Cheshire East Council is responsible for delivering, how we are doing and what we are proposing to do in 2015/2016.

We have started the budget-setting process earlier than ever before. We are meeting commitments made to elected members regarding increasing openness and the detail of budget proposals, showing greater transparency and accountability.

Key points from the 2015/16 Pre Budget Report

  • Cheshire East Council puts residents and businesses FIRST.
  • Our performance is focussed on outcomes and delivering for local people and businesses.
  • Our focus is on keeping costs down and providing maximum value for money from a budget of more than £750m for 2015/16.
  • Council Tax frozen for past FOUR years – and this Budget plans to extend that freeze for a FIFTH consecutive year.
  • Financially, the Council is in a strong position – the best since Cheshire East Council was formed.
  • Cheshire East is a top-performing economy with economic output per head 16 per cent above the national average and 34 per cent above the regional average.
  • General reserves are sufficient to protect the Council against risk as well as support investment opportunities.
  • NO intention to increase external borrowing next year – despite significant planned capital spending.

Details of the Budget Setting Process can be viewed on the video below

Transcript for the Cheshire East Council pre budget report video