Parish Plans

Parish Plans, or are as they are increasingly becoming known, Community Led Plans, are developed by local communities, for local communities. The Community Led Planning Group, made up largely of volunteers and supported by Parish Councillors work closely together to create a long term community vision for the future, accompanied by a shorter term action plan which shows how the vision will be delivered.

The Community Led Planning process provides people with opportunities to have a greater say in what happens in their ward/parish/community and to become more active in decision making.

First steps in creating a Parish or Community Led Plan

If you are interested in developing a Parish or Community Led Plan in your area contact your local LAP manager and visit the Cheshire Community Action website.

It is often helpful to see what other groups have produced, therefore take a look at the existing Parish Plans in Cheshire East.

If you agree to proceed with a Parish or Community Led Plan you will at some stage wish to conduct a survey of the community, to help do this Cheshire East Council have produced a Quick Guide to Conducting Surveys (PDF, 364KB).

Once you have taken a look at all of the information, and decided to proceed with the first steps in completing a Parish or Community Led Plan, you may wish to apply for a starter grant. Starter grants are available up to a maximum amount of £250 and are available to help with the initial costs of setting up a Parish or Community Led Planning group.

Parish and Community-Led Planning Protocol

A Parish and Community-Led Planning Protocol has been developed for all parties involved in the parish planning process. This provides clear, concise guidance on how Cheshire East Council and its partners will work with communities undertaking a Plan.

The protocol will be reviewed on a regular basis, please ensure that you have the most up to date version. The latest protocol is available here -  Parish and Community-Led Planning Protocol June 2013 Version 8 (PDF, 365KB)

Parish Planning Network

The Parish Planning Network aims to provide assistance to communities who are at various stages of the Parish Planning process, whether this is at early development stage, nearing completion or simply thinking that a Parish Plan would be a good idea for the Parish.

The Parish Planning Network meetings are a great opportunity for people to gain information and advice about the Parish Planning process and to learn from the experiences of others.

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