Our Customer Charter

Customer visiting with 2 Customer Service Centre staff

At Cheshire East Council our vision is to work together to improve community life. Our customer charter (PDF, 1.6MB) sets out the standards of customer care that we are committed to delivering.

What you can expect from us:

We will:

  • respect all of our customers, dealing with them in a fair, objective, polite and helpful manner
  • respond as quickly as possible to all requests for information or services
  • respect your right to privacy and confidentiality
  • actively seek your ideas and feedback and act on them where appropriate
  • apologise if we get it wrong and put it right as quickly as possible
  • ensure our services are as accessible as possible
  • wherever possible deal with our customers' enquiries at the first point of contact without the need to transfer them to another team
  • have confidence in the information we provide to our customers and inform them of service delivery timescales
  • where practical, provide, interpretation, translation or other support, if requested (an appointment may be required to achieve this).

If you visit one of our Customer Service Centres:

  • we will aim to deal with your enquiry within 10 minutes of your arrival, or let you know if you have to wait longer
  • we will keep our reception areas clean and tidy and provide up to date information about our services
  • if you have made an appointment we will ensure that you are seen on time or kept informed of the reason for any delay and the estimated time that you will be seen 

If you telephone us:

  • we will aim to answer your call within 20 seconds
  • we will phone you back within 1 working day if you leave a message
  • when the offices are closed we will inform you of our out-of-hours service, together with when the offices will next be open
  • your call will be answered by a member of staff, who gives their name and who will take responsibility to ensure that your call is dealt with efficiently

If you write or send us an email:

  • We aim to respond to all letters and e mails within 10 working days.
  • we will respond in large print or Braille if requested
  • we will respond to you in plain language

What we expect from you:

  • honesty and as much relevant information as possible to assist us in dealing with your enquiry, letting us know if you have any special needs
  • full co-operation and for you to be civil when dealing with council staff – we will not tolerate abuse, threats or harassment, on or off council premises

Let us know

We are committed to delivering the highest possible quality and level of service. We want to know if you are unhappy with any of our services and any suggestions you have for improvement. Our Let Us Know leaflet gives details of our complaints procedure or alternatively you can access the complaint procedure online.