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Our Commitment

We aim to ensure that our website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If for any reason this service will be disrupted, we will notify users in advance via our Home Page.

What are web statistics?

Web statistics represent the usage patterns by members of the public on this web site: . We use an analytics service provided by SiteImprove to measure page views and website visitors, they are filtered to remove usage by Council staff.

If your browser is unable to display iframes, please visit the SiteImprove website statistics page directly.

Explanation of Terms

  • Page Views - Hits to files designated as pages. Supporting graphics and other non-page files are not counted.
  • User Sessions - This is purely the number of visits or 'hits' our website receives each month from any person, anywhere (excluding all internal and automatic/spider traffic).
  • Unique users - An aggregate of users over a time period, where multiple visits by the same user are removed.

Comment on our website

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