Strategic Booklets

On March 13, 2015, Cheshire East Council published 6 ‘strategic’ documents which set out the authority’s vision and aims following on from the agreement of its 2015/16 budget and medium-term strategy (2015-2018).

On this page, you will find electronic versions of the 6 booklets, which you can view or download.

The PDF's on this page may not be accessible to those who require assistive technology, if you require assistance in reading the PDF's below please email the web team.

Giving the best start in life: every child matters (PDF, 1.2MB)Giving the Best Start in Life: Every Child Matters (PDF, 923KB)

Giving every child the best start in life is at the forefront of Cheshire East Council’s thinking. We are striving to create a coherent support network that caters for all the needs of our younger residents. We are striving to make sure all of our young people fulfil their potential and become active members of our economy and society in their adult lives. We want to ensure that all aspects of a young person’s life are taken into consideration so that we can help remove as many obstacles to their success as possible.

This document has been put together to offer a short overview of the hard work our services are doing so that people can catch a glimpse of where our staff’s time and our residents’ money is spent. It also gives a brief outline of our ambitions and ideas for the future.

Residents First - Sustainable Planning (PDF, 1.7MB)Residents First – Sustainable Planning (PDF, 1.7MB)

This document is set against a backdrop of national pressure for more housing, an ongoing Local Plan and developers and landowners attempting to obtain planning permission on land all across our district. It also outlines how we aim to make planning in Cheshire East an exemplar; ensuring that decisions are sustainable and support the views of local communities.

It sets out recent initiatives around ‘sustainability’ and Neighbourhood Plans that have been introduced to:

  • Further improve planning in Cheshire East;
  • Embrace Localism;
  • Put residents first; and
  • Secure sustainable development: delivering what we need and want, rather than what developers want.

Energising your future (PDF, 1.1MB)Energising Your Future (PDF, 884KB)

We want Cheshire East to remain a green and sustainable place and for people to live well, for longer. We have developed an ‘energy vision’ as part of our Energy Framework, which is split into three strands:

  • Affordable energy – putting residents first;
  • Growing energy businesses – developing a local energy economy; and
  • Independent energy – secure, decentralised and locally-managed energy.

This document outlines how we aim to achieve these aims.

Where Rural Communities Matter (PDF, 2MB)Cheshire East – Where Rural Communities Matter (PDF, 2MB)

'Cheshire East - Where Rural Communities Matter' celebrates our amazing rural areas, which are made up of fantastic landscapes and communities who are passionate about where they live. It outlines the Council’s commitment to these areas and how we want the rural economy to thrive.

In particular it focuses on rural businesses, broadband and 3G/4G coverage, community hubs and ‘rural proofing’ in our decision-making process.

Helping everyone achieve the best health booklet (PDF, 1.7MB)Helping everyone achieve the best health – today (PDF, 1.3MB)

Cheshire East Council has embraced the challenge to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents. 'Helping everyone achieve the best health – today' is the public health strategy for achieving this ambition during 2015-18. The strategy outlines our intentions to:

  • Improve public health-commissioned services;
  • Empower people to get the information they need to improve their wellbeing and be involved in decisions about their own care and treatment;
  • Improve our wider environment to have a positive impact on people’s health; and
  • Develop and promote the use of evidence and intelligence to ensure that public sector money in Cheshire East is invested in the right places.

Adult social care booklet: Our plan for all our futures (PDF, 2.2MB)Adult Social Care: Our plan for all our futures (PDF, 1.7MB)

With the launch of the new Care Act in 2014, we are building on our commitments to ensure residents are supported to live well and for longer and to remain as independent as possible.

This document describes how we are going to work with our partners to ensure residents have access to the information, support and expertise they need to make informed choices and take control of their wellbeing. It also details how the Caring Together and Connecting Care transformation programmes in Cheshire East aim to deliver joined-up health and social care services focused on coordinated care around the person.