Risk Management

As Cheshire East Council provides a wide range of services, it has to handle complex delivery arrangements and partnership networks, and is directly accountable to the public for these services.  It is continually adapting to face diverse threats and opportunities as a result of the economic and financial climate and social change. 

In order to do this, all Members and employees of the Council have a responsibility for, and a contribution to make, in terms of risk management.  We need to understand and recognise the importance of identifying, evaluating and managing all key strategic and operational risks that could affect the achievement of the Council’s objectives.

Risk management covers a whole range of risks and not just those associated with finance, health & safety, business continuity and insurance. It also includes risks associated with service provision, effectiveness, reputation or public image, compliance with legislation and the environment.

Risk management is not about being risk averse; some amount of risk taking is inevitable if the Council is to achieve its objectives.  Risk management is about effectively managing risks that could affect the achievement of the Council’s objectives.  Good risk management is concerned with identifying not only threats to success but also opportunities for benefits.  It should maximise opportunities and encourage innovation.

Risk Management Policy

To facilitate effective and efficient operations, the Council has a Risk Management Policy (PDF 372KB) which forms part of its overall internal control framework and enables it to respond appropriately to risks.

To ensure that equality is an integral part of the way the Council works, an Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 382KB) has been undertaken on the Risk Management Policy and will be updated in line with any Policy reviews.