Research and Consultation

The Research and Consultation team provides a comprehensive service to inform Council decision-making, by interpreting the views and aspirations of local residents, visitors and employees, in order to shape future services in a way that best meets their needs.

We use a wide range of methods to collect social, economic and demographic information, including: surveys, focus groups, bespoke events/projects and analysis of secondary datasets such as the Census.

Our Aims

We aim to ensure that policy development, performance reporting and the services provided by the Council are based on sound evidence and meet the needs and expectations of our communities.

Our Clients

Primary clients include the corporate management of the Authority in the shape of the Executive and the Management Board. Other clients range from service managers and officers within the authority, partners in the public and voluntary sector, through to businesses and members of the public.

Our Main Activities

  • Collating and analysing community intelligence concerning population, the economy and social patterns
  • Collecting, analysing and disseminating information about citizen, customer, and client views
  • Analysing statistical and geographical indicators on need and service performance
  • Forecasting population and client numbers
  • Providing information and advice to support corporate plans and strategies, operational decisions and joint working with partners
  • Policy development, including community engagement and consultation and Best Value

    Further Information 

    • Twitter: We are now on Twitter and will be posting updates about Research and Consultation work in Cheshire East on a regular basis. Follow @CECresearch

    Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

    Cheshire East's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is a shared statement on the health and social care needs of people living in Cheshire East which the Council and Primary Care Trust have a legal duty to undertake, and use to develop and improve services.

    The Joint Needs Assessment pulls together a range of needs assessment and qualitative and quantitative data within a more joined up framework for commissioners to utilise to develop and improve services. It is also a source of information for the local community and Third Sector organisations to find out more about health and social care.

    Visit the JSNA section.