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Current facts and figures takes the form of statistics and commentary, building up to a comprehensive set of statistics about Cheshire East. Where appropriate, statistics are provided at both a national and regional level.


The latest mid-year estimates were released in July 2014, suggesting a Cheshire East population of 372,700.

  • 22.2% are aged 0-19
  • 21.1% are aged 20-39
  • 29.3% are aged 40-59
  • 27.3% are aged 60+. This includes 14.3% who are aged 70+, 5.6% who are aged 80+ and 1.0% aged 90+.

Source: 2013 mid-year population estimates, Office for National Statistics, Crown Copyright

The above replaces the information from the 2011 Census. The population of Cheshire East was then (March 2011) 370,100 and the information below remains for reference.

  • 22.5% were aged 0-19
  • 21.9% were aged 20-39
  • 29.1% were aged 40-59
  • 26.4% were aged 60+. This includes 13.6% who were aged 70+, 5.3% who were aged 80+ and 0.9% aged 90+.

Further information taken from the census can be accessed on the census page of this site and also, as and when released, via Twitter.


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