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Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) work with local people and partners to understand the issues, needs and preferences that are important in their area. This information is used to produce Area Plans, which focus on local issues that cannot be tackled by one organisation on its own, bringing together all those with an ability to make a difference.

There are 7 Local Area Partnerships across Cheshire East:

For more information on where the LAP areas are you can download a map of the LAP boundaries(PDF, 1.6MB).

How to get involved in a Local Area Partnership

There are a number of opportunities for involvement within the work of the LAP, principally through the main LAP forum, the Area Assembly, but also through working groups set up to address current priority issues. Working groups involve interested people and local enthusiasts who are working together on projects in our towns, parishes and neighbourhoods. Regular updates are provided in the Partnerships Newsletters.

If you are interested in the work of the LAPs and would like to be added to our mailing list please send your details to partnerships@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Local Area Partnership Assemblies

Area Assemblies are held in each area to engage the wider community and local partners. Area Assemblies are open to, and involve, anyone who has an interest in the local area and would like to get involved in local projects and activities. The Assemblies listen to community issues to inform future work, develop local priorities and set the local course of action.

Area Management Groups

Each LAP has an Area Management Group, which develops the Area Plan based on the guidance of the Area Assemblies and consultations, delivering appropriate responses to local priorities. They develop specific localised projects and opportunities to improve local services through different ways of working. Membership varies for each area to reflect particular local issues and includes key local partners.

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