Charter Trustees – a short summary

The Charter Trustees for Crewe and Macclesfield were established by Statutory Instrument as part of the process of local government reorganisation in Cheshire.

The principal role of the Charter Trustees is to preserve historic property, privileges, rights and traditions enjoyed by local residents in council areas which were abolished, and in which there was no suitable local government body such as a parish council which could take on this role.

This is the case in respect of the un-parished areas of Crewe and Macclesfield.

The Charter Trustees elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor each year to carry out traditional civic and ceremonial functions within the Charter area. In ceremonial terms the Mayor of Cheshire East takes precedence over the Charter Trustee Mayors.

Like Parish Councils, the Charter Trustees can precept funds to carry out their functions. This precept is paid by the residents of the Charter Trust area as part of the Council Tax.

If town or parish councils are established in the Charter areas then the property, traditions and privileges are transferred to those bodies and the Charter Trustees cease to exist.

The Charter Trustees are the Cheshire East Councillors for the wards in those un-parished areas.

Membership of Charter Trustees

Crewe Charter Trustees

The Crewe Charter Trustees were dissolved on the 4th April 2013 upon the election of the first Crewe Parish Council. 

Macclesfield Charter Trustees

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