Latest Scams

Below are some of the latest scams. See Doorstep Crime scams for information on recent doorstep scams in Cheshire.

Warning of Council Tax Phone Scam

Cheshire East residents should be aware that Cheshire East Borough Council would not contact people in this way and any such calls should be reported to Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0845 4040506.

If you feel you are paying too much council tax, please contact the Cheshire East council tax team on 0300 123 5013 or email them at and they will be able to deal with your enquiry.

Missed Phone Call

This scam is where someone rings your mobile and leaves a message with their telephone number. When you return the call you ring a premium rate number. It is sometimes a mobile number starting 07 or a premium rate number starting 09 or 0871. For further advice and more information on premium rate text messages and telephone calls, visit the PhonePayPlus website.

Bank Transaction Email

Have you received a 'BANK Transaction Confirmation' e-mail message when you haven't bought any goods? Cheshire Trading Standards have been made aware of the following e-mail message being circulated:

BANK Transaction Confirmation
Please retain for your records
Thank you

Transaction details:
Transaction for the value of: GBP 286.95
Description: DVD Zone Shop Payment
Merchant's bank ID: (an id is given)
Pre-Authorisation Date/Time: 21/Aug/2005 11:41:52
Transaction ID: (a transaction ID number is given)
This is not a tax receipt.

This confirmation indicates that your bank transaction has been processed successfully.
Your new account has been successfully created with the following details:

Web Address: (a link to a website is given)
Login Name: (a user name is given)
Password: (a password is given)

If you have any questions about your order (including refunds, delivery status, wanting to
cancel your order),please do not hesitate to contact our sales team by emailing (an email address is given)

Thank you for shopping.
DVD Zone Shop Team.

Anyone receiving this type of message from a retailer who they have not transacted with are advised:
1. not to reply
2. not to click on any links contained in the message
3. to delete the message.

The banking industry have set up an initiative to help and guide consumers - see bank safely online website.

Internet Dial Up

While you are using the internet a pop-up box comes onto the screen. When you click on the box it disconnects your internet connection and replaces it with one that dials a premium rate number or sometimes an international number. If you have been affected by this scam or you notice a premium rate number on your phone bill relating to internet use you should contact the premium rate regulator ICSTIS or telephone 0800 500212.

Phishing / Spam e-mail

Phishing is when you receive a spam e-mail sent by someone who is pretending to be from your bank, building society or credit card company. The e-mails will ask you to verify your personal details, account number, pin number and passwords. It will often say this is to prevent fraud or to up-date bank records. The e-mails look genuine and have all the correct logos. It is easy to be fooled into thinking that the e-mail has come from your bank.

To find out more about phishing and how to avoid it visit the banking industry advice website for safer on-line banking.

Publishing Scams

There are a number of rogue publishers who are targeting businesses. They persuade businesses to pay for advertising space in publications that do not exist or do not provide what was promised. The rogue publishers will make unsolicited phone calls to businesses, in particular small businesses and will use high pressure selling techniques to sell advertising space in wall planners, diaries, booklets. The cost of the advert can range from £100 to £1000 but once you have paid you will find that the publication does not exist or only a few copies are published.

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