Macclesfield town centre vision

Macclesfield Town Centre Vision

Macclesfield has a strong foundation and many strengths - the hugely popular monthly Treacle Market, the bi-annual Barnaby Festival, many independent shops, silk heritage with significant historic buildings, dynamic businesses and an affluent catchment population.

In 2014, following public consultation undertaken by the ‘Make It Macclesfield Forum’, the ‘Macclesfield Town Centre Vision’ was developed setting out the aspirations of the community for the town centre. What people want from the town centres is changing. People are looking to the town centres to be leisure destinations, providing a range of activities that cannot be accessed online.

The Vision should act as a tool to co-ordinate and prioritise regeneration initiatives. As time elapses it is inevitable that new opportunities and challenges will arise – the Vision is therefore a ‘living document’ that will grow and evolve. It is therefore intended that the priorities in the Vision will be supplemented with additional initiatives over time.

We are committed to Macclesfield and to ensuring that residents and businesses in the area have a town centre which is vibrant, sustainable and which they can be proud of. With this in mind, we are wasting no time in bringing forward alternative major regeneration initiatives to enhance the town centre’s existing offer. The newly established Macclesfield Town Centre Vision Stakeholder Panel has been instrumental in working with us in helping to prioritise objectives for the town.

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