Register for Business Rates or tell us about changes

You must tell us about all changes that might affect what business rates you pay. It's important to tell us about changes straightaway, because otherwise you might get a large backdated bill. 

New ratepayers 

To tell us that you've opened a new business, taken on new premises, occupied a non-domestic property or moved a business here from outside Cheshire East, complete and return a new ratepayer form (PDF, 203KB).

You'll get a Business Rates bill to cover the number of days from the date you became the ratepayer to the following 31 March. 

Leases ending or moving, vacating or selling premises  

To tell us your lease has ended or that you are moving, vacating or selling business premises, use our online change of circumstances form.

Owners and leaseholders moving out and leaving a property empty are still responsible for the Business Rates until a new occupier moves in or the lease ends. You can find out about paying Business Rates on empty properties.

If you're not an owner or leaseholder but are moving out and leaving a property unoccupied, you are responsible for paying the Business Rates until you have taken away all stock and effects. We might need to visit to check the premises before we can close your account. 


If your account is in credit on the date we close your account and you're moving to a new business address, we'll transfer the balance across. If the business is closing or moving out of Cheshire East, you'll get a refund. You should get the refund within 2 weeks of getting a final bill from us. The refund will go to your bank account if we have your bank details. Otherwise, we'll send a cheque.

Tenant changes

If you're a landlord or letting agent telling us about tenants moving into or out of a non-domestic property, print out and complete the Landlord / Letting Agent - Change of address form (PDF, 331KB)

Rate relief no longer applies

To tell us your property no longer counts for rate relief, contact the Business Rates team.

Other changes

For any other changes, contact the Business Rates team.

Authority to disclose information

If you want us to talk to someone else on your behalf, you must complete an authority to disclose form (PDF, 84KB)

Contact us

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Business Rates Team available for telephone enquiries:
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