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Our A-Z is a site index, an alphabetical listing of keywords for the content of our site. Occasionally, if we don’t hold the information ourselves, there will be a link to another site, when this happens it will be clearly shown.

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  • Traffic regulation orders
    A list of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in Cheshire East.
  • Training Liaison Governors
    Information for Training Liaison Governors
  • Transitional arrangements
    Property values normally change a good deal between each revaluation Transitional arrangements help to phase in the effects of these changes by limiting the amount by which a bill may rise following a revaluation.
  • Translation
    How to translate the Cheshire East website into another language using Google Translate.
  • Transport Strategies
    Cheshire East Integrated Transport Service Transport Strategies.
  • Travel Plans
    Cheshire East advice on creating a travel plan for business, schools and residential travel.
  • Treating HIV
    Information on treating HIV from NHS Choices.
  • Tree Preservation Orders
    Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), how to make a tree preservation order and find out if trees are protected by them.
  • Tree Work Applications
    Any person who intends to carry out work to a protected tree is required to submit aTree Work Application Form (PDF, 261KB)
  • Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document
    Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document Congleton Borough Council adopted the Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document on 17th October 2006
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