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Our A-Z is a site index, an alphabetical listing of keywords for the content of our site. Occasionally, if we don’t hold the information ourselves, there will be a link to another site, when this happens it will be clearly shown.

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  • Baddiley to Burland Parish Council election results May 2015
    Parish and Town Councils Election May 2015 - Baddiley to Burland.
  • Ban on the Sale of Non-Child-Resistant and Novelty Cigarette Lighters
    Information about the law affecting the retailers, distributors, importers and manufacturers of cigarette lighters.
  • Barony Employment Park
    Information about The Barony Employment Park on the outskirts of Nantwich town centre in Cheshire.
  • Barony Park, Nantwich
    Barony Park in Nantwich. Includes address, route planner, facilities and information.
  • Basford Employment Areas
    Basford East and Basford West are major allocations of employment land to the south of Crewe on either side of the West Coast main railway line, this page contains plans for this area.
  • Becoming a short term foster carer
    Information provided for persons interested in becoming specialist foster carers.
  • Benefit Fraud
    Information for the general public in regards to the government council commitment to protecting public funds from false or fraudulent claims for Housing and or Council Tax Benefits.
  • Benefits, Rights and Citizenship
    Cheshire East links to useful consumer advice and legal information websites.
  • Bereavement and Benefits
    Welfare benefits for people who have been bereaved.
  • Biodiversity
    Biodiversity is the term used to indicate the variety of life on earth the variety of species of plants, animals and all other organisms, the genetic variation within these species and the variation between the ecosystems and habitats in which they live. At local level, Cheshire East hopes to play both a leading and supporting role in contributing to biodiversity conservation and enhancement through initiatives in the borough.
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